Wednesday, April 15, 2009

M&M World!

Well hello again! Today I am going to post about something that most people in this world love! And that would be...M&M World! The three story store that has everything imaginable and all having to deal with M&M's. This is one of my favorite places to go, also, when I take an hour long drive to the city!

M&M World from outside in times Square

M&M World is filled with everything as in all M&M merchandise. They have M&M clothes, they have toys to play with, they have large replicas of the M&M people as piggy banks, etc. OH! and aen endless supply of M&Ms in any color that you want and can imagine. I love to go there and get bags and bags of different M&Ms in all different colors that they don't sell in regular stores. M&M World also has some statues of the M&M guys and you can go and take pictures with them and I had gone with my family so my brother, cousin and I all went and took a picture with the yellow M&M.

My cousin, me, my brother with the yellow M&M

my brother with the blue M&M

There are many, many items that you can choose from and purchase here and they can range in price. You can get a bag of candy for $3.00 to an M&M leather jacket with Swarovski crystals for $3,000.00

the jacket

Monday, April 6, 2009


In one of my previous posts I had talked about a restaurant that was one of my favorite places to eat at and it was called FRANK restaurant. There are so many different places to eat in the city and there is also so much entertainment. There is one place that beats all of the rest, in my opinion, that has food and entertainment. This place is in the heart of Times Square and it isn't just any old entertainment, it is live entertainment performed by people in the audience. There are also two floors to this restaurant where you can look from ground level or from up top and enjoy the singers. It is called the Spotlight!

spotlight, view from second platform

This is a place where you can sit down and eat but there is also live karaoke where you yourself can go up on stage and sing. There is a monitor screen at every table and a long list of songs and/or artists that you can search and choose a song to sing. You will have to enter in your name and some other information such as an email address of some sort and then the screen will notify you when you are about to go onstage. There are some regulars that go every weekend, but there are also some one timers that may be just visiting and go for kicks!

This is a fun place to go with anyone that you are close with. No matter if you can sing or not, karaoke is a really fun activity and it is at a place where you can sit, eat, and enjoy the performances that are going on. I have gone with my mom and some girls from my field hockey team and their parents and and the girls and I picked a song and went on and sang it. We first sang Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and we were so nervous to go up, but once we got there it was a blast.

front of Spotlight from outside

The only part that I wasn't a fan of was that they make everyone who isn't twenty-one leave at eleven o'clock because that is when it turns into more of a club scene. Since we were all having such a good time, that put a damper in the night, but since we were having so much fun, the four of us had to sing one more song before the night was over and so we chose to sing Lady Marmalade.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hey again!! I hope everyone is enjoying my blog for whoever is reading it, but I don't know about anyone else who is reading this but everyone once in a while I like to bring out the kid in me! People like to have fun and joke around and there is nothing wrong with wanting a blast from the past and enjoy that kid experience again.

front of Toys 'R' Us in Times Square

In New York City, there is the biggest Toys 'R' Us around located there. It is right in the middle of Times Square where everyone will go and mingle and want to take pictures. It's a great place to have a great time with friends and family and whoever you choose to go with. It is a really memorable spot and one of my favorite places to go. Whenever I go to the city I know and will have to go there. It is also beautiful at night when all of the lights are going and all of the billboards are lite up!

The Toys 'R' Us is three stories and there is everything that you can think of in there! No matter what kind of toy you are looking at you will always find it. There is an endless amount a Lego's, a huge T-Rex figure that moves its head, and one giant Ferris wheel inside that you can ride in any character that you want. There is also a whole entire video games section that is most of the bottom floor and so much to choose from.

T-Rex at Toys 'R' Us

My favorite part of Toys 'R' Us is the Candy land part. I have such a sweet tooth so every time I go to Toys 'R' Us I have to stop there and get some kind of candy. My favorite is anything chocolate or anything covered in chocolate!

There is one famous part that no matter if you like it or not every girl must go and take a picture and that is...Barbie's House! There is a whole entire Barbie section and there is Barbi's house there you can go in and there are all different kinds of collectible Barbies and you can go up the stairs and in the window have someone take a picture from down below because underneath the window is a huge Barbie sign that will be in the picture.

My friends and I in the Barbie window

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FRANK restaurant

In my last post I had talked about a wax museum. Today I will be talking about a restaurant that I really love to go to with my mom. Its a really small restaurant, but the food it amazing. It has been there for many, many years and it is a pretty popular place to eat. When you are looking for an inexpensive place to go and eat with your favorite people, I would suggest a place called FRANK restaurant.

There is a lot of history at this restaurant and my mom tells me about it everything it gets mentioned, or we go past it, or even if we are sitting and eating there ourselves. I have gone there many times with just me and my mom, I have gone with family, and I have also gone with a few of my friends.

It is a very Italian restaurant and has an assortment of mines and they serve family style platters. There is so much to choose from such as appetizers, salads, pastas, entrees and desserts. Everything that I have eaten there is so delicious and I love to go back time and time again. They are also not very pricey which makes everyone happier.
If you are ever looking to check out this restaurant you can find it at:
88 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
telephone: (212) 420-0202
FRANK restaurant also has a website if you are ever looking for more information and more about their history and such

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Madame Tussaud

In my other posts I have been talking about cheaper things to do in New York City. Even tho there are a lot of people out there that want to save money there are also some things that you can save up money for.

There is a six floor wax museum called the Madame Tussaud's New York Wax Museum. You can go and get tickets that aren't too pricey, but it is something that you would want to do with friends and family. The tickets rage from about thirty to forty dollars for individual tickets, but they also have group packages. There are also all access passes that you can get and it includes a Cinema 4-D showing, Behind the Scenes - Making of a Wax Figure, and The Story - Madame Marie Tussauds. Those tickets are a little more expensive.

Maddame Tussaud's wax museum

It is a fun time to have and you can take picture and also read up on all of these celebraties and atheltes. The six different floors all have different names for each kind of people such as the first floor which is called the Open Night Party to the last floor which is called It Happened in New York. There are all different type of celebritites on each floor and there are so many around.

Johnny Depp wax figure from Pirates of the Carribbean

If you can't meet your favorite actor, actress, band, singer, or athlete you sure can here at the museum. The wax figures are made so well and they look exactly like the real thing. Each one is so intricate and there is also one floor that you can also see how they make the wax figures and the process of creating them as you're on your way to the top.

wax figure, baseball player

Friday, February 27, 2009


Hello again!! In my last post I had talked about going to plays and shows. There is also other types of shows that you can go to in the city. There are musical shows that you can go to with friends, family, and/or teammates..whoever.

Once again I will be talking about how it can be inexpensive to do fun things and have a good time in New York City. People love going to music concerts and dancing to music and wanting to be in the front row, but those tickets are an aweful lot of money to go and see your favorite musical group or singer.

There are little bands and preformers that like to play in the city and they are usually in small places that are bars or even small theaters. There is one famous theater called the Nokia Theater and I have gone there plenty of times to see a show.

this is the Nokis Theater in New York City

One of my favorite shows that I have been to was to see a band called Badfish. They are a cover band to another band called Sublime. Sublime is a little more famous and known by more people, but some things happened to the band and now they have a cover..Badfish. They are a really good bad and they put on a good performance. It is music for an older crowd and not for younger people, but it is so much fun when you go with your friends. I went with three of my friends to one of their shows and we had a blast.

my friends and I before the concert.
For something like this band, being that they aren't known too well the tickets are not expensive at all. We had only pais $25.50 and some money for a train ticket there and back. Even if you do not know the preformer, you will have a good time and it will be worth it. There were some opening bands that I had never heard of before I went to the concert, but once I heard them starting to play, I liked the music and the whole show was amazing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lookin for a good show?

A lot of people are wanting to make it big and be on Broadway. New York City is the big place to go and be on stage. Going to see a Broadway play is an amazing experience. Yet, there are times when people do not want to go to the city and pay for expensive tickets to see a show.

billboards and advertisments in the city

Some shows are not that expensive. Most tickets can be at least three hundred dollars and no one wants to spend that kind of money. There are also times when you can go and see a great show for just about seventy-five dollars and you and some friends can gather up and go. Even with family members or a girlfriend/boyfriend would be a great idea for a gift or just for fun.

I went to go and see the show Chicago last year in June and it was the most fun I've had. I went with my boyfriend at the time and he had gotten the tickets for me for my birthday. It was my favorite play and I was so excited to go and see it. It was filled with song and dance; murder and passion. Those tickets weren't very expensive at all and we didn't have the best of seat, but no matter where you were sitting, it was a good seat and you were able to see, hear, and enjoy everything that was going on.

There are times when you can even go stand in line and wait to buy tickets that weren't sold for about half the price. There is just one problem with those tickets and that is, you have to get in line about three or four hours before the show actually goes on and there are times where there are only about twenty tickets sold so you need to get there first. It can be worth the wait and the time spent there because you can wind up getting those tickets and have the best time and can even fall in love with your favorite show and want to go and see it again. Maybe this time is would be worth spending a little chunk of change for tickets.

No matter if you know of the show or not, you will have a good time watching and enjoying the music and the excitement, sadness, happiness, and the comical gestures being made throughout the play. It is always a good time and being in New York City is just an amazing time its self.