Friday, February 20, 2009

Lookin for a good show?

A lot of people are wanting to make it big and be on Broadway. New York City is the big place to go and be on stage. Going to see a Broadway play is an amazing experience. Yet, there are times when people do not want to go to the city and pay for expensive tickets to see a show.

billboards and advertisments in the city

Some shows are not that expensive. Most tickets can be at least three hundred dollars and no one wants to spend that kind of money. There are also times when you can go and see a great show for just about seventy-five dollars and you and some friends can gather up and go. Even with family members or a girlfriend/boyfriend would be a great idea for a gift or just for fun.

I went to go and see the show Chicago last year in June and it was the most fun I've had. I went with my boyfriend at the time and he had gotten the tickets for me for my birthday. It was my favorite play and I was so excited to go and see it. It was filled with song and dance; murder and passion. Those tickets weren't very expensive at all and we didn't have the best of seat, but no matter where you were sitting, it was a good seat and you were able to see, hear, and enjoy everything that was going on.

There are times when you can even go stand in line and wait to buy tickets that weren't sold for about half the price. There is just one problem with those tickets and that is, you have to get in line about three or four hours before the show actually goes on and there are times where there are only about twenty tickets sold so you need to get there first. It can be worth the wait and the time spent there because you can wind up getting those tickets and have the best time and can even fall in love with your favorite show and want to go and see it again. Maybe this time is would be worth spending a little chunk of change for tickets.

No matter if you know of the show or not, you will have a good time watching and enjoying the music and the excitement, sadness, happiness, and the comical gestures being made throughout the play. It is always a good time and being in New York City is just an amazing time its self.

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  1. When I lived in NJ I LOVED going to see plays on Broadway! I've seen a number of them, but I think my favorite was seeing 42nd street (twice!), since I starred in that musical in high school. I agree with you, there is nothing like the shows in New York.