Friday, February 27, 2009


Hello again!! In my last post I had talked about going to plays and shows. There is also other types of shows that you can go to in the city. There are musical shows that you can go to with friends, family, and/or teammates..whoever.

Once again I will be talking about how it can be inexpensive to do fun things and have a good time in New York City. People love going to music concerts and dancing to music and wanting to be in the front row, but those tickets are an aweful lot of money to go and see your favorite musical group or singer.

There are little bands and preformers that like to play in the city and they are usually in small places that are bars or even small theaters. There is one famous theater called the Nokia Theater and I have gone there plenty of times to see a show.

this is the Nokis Theater in New York City

One of my favorite shows that I have been to was to see a band called Badfish. They are a cover band to another band called Sublime. Sublime is a little more famous and known by more people, but some things happened to the band and now they have a cover..Badfish. They are a really good bad and they put on a good performance. It is music for an older crowd and not for younger people, but it is so much fun when you go with your friends. I went with three of my friends to one of their shows and we had a blast.

my friends and I before the concert.
For something like this band, being that they aren't known too well the tickets are not expensive at all. We had only pais $25.50 and some money for a train ticket there and back. Even if you do not know the preformer, you will have a good time and it will be worth it. There were some opening bands that I had never heard of before I went to the concert, but once I heard them starting to play, I liked the music and the whole show was amazing.


  1. i like sublime as well, what is your favorite song?

  2. my favorite song..i dont really have one because i like them all so much!