Wednesday, April 15, 2009

M&M World!

Well hello again! Today I am going to post about something that most people in this world love! And that would be...M&M World! The three story store that has everything imaginable and all having to deal with M&M's. This is one of my favorite places to go, also, when I take an hour long drive to the city!

M&M World from outside in times Square

M&M World is filled with everything as in all M&M merchandise. They have M&M clothes, they have toys to play with, they have large replicas of the M&M people as piggy banks, etc. OH! and aen endless supply of M&Ms in any color that you want and can imagine. I love to go there and get bags and bags of different M&Ms in all different colors that they don't sell in regular stores. M&M World also has some statues of the M&M guys and you can go and take pictures with them and I had gone with my family so my brother, cousin and I all went and took a picture with the yellow M&M.

My cousin, me, my brother with the yellow M&M

my brother with the blue M&M

There are many, many items that you can choose from and purchase here and they can range in price. You can get a bag of candy for $3.00 to an M&M leather jacket with Swarovski crystals for $3,000.00

the jacket

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  1. I went to M&M World in Las Vegas. It's smaller but fun. When I get back to New York City, I will definately put this on my "to see" list.